Whiskey lovers, rejoice!

September’s Whiskey Club at Dive Bar was a blast! Not only was it the perfect way to kick off the bar’s Whiskey Week celebration, but it was also owner Karen’s birthday. I’ve already said this to her a couple times, but I’ll say it again – Happy birthday, Karen! Way to throw a party, Girl!

This month’s Whiskey Club featured different rye whiskeys, each with their own unique distillery and flavor notes, ensuring there was something for everyone to enjoy, whiskey enthusiast or not.

The night kicked off with a George Dickel and Leopold Brothers blended rye, a 100-proof whiskey with a sweet aroma of vanilla and cinnamon roll frosting, with hints of a strong spice and cinnamon bark. You read that right, cinnamon bark.

 Just a few of the MANY whiskeys we have on our shelves at Dive Bar.

Another pour was one that made me wish I was next to a bonfire getting ready to make s’mores or eat a freshly baked apple pie. But I digress. The Hard Truth High Road Rye from Brown County, Indiana, is a 93 proof, small batch whiskey. It smelled amazing with its aroma of apricot jam, honey, baking spices and graham crackers. More dessert!

Much love to Canada from your pal E.B. on this next one – the Masterson’s Canadian whiskey, a 10-year-old straight rye whiskey with a distinctive aroma of fruity undertones, including apples, oranges, citrus and pears. If you’ve been riding along with me for a while, you know that not all things from Canada are bad, and this pour ranked up there for me. Eh?

BUT WAIT, there’s more! We got a BONUS POUR!!!

Bruichladdich Islay (bless you!) Barley Single Malt Scotch Whisky. We sampled the eighth edition of this a single malt. It was distilled in 2013 using barley harvested in 2012 from seven farms across Islay, Scotland. Doesn’t that paint a pretty picture?! If you want to try a whiskey that will make you feel like you’re “whisked” away across the pond, this is it!

It was a blast celebrating Karen’s birthday, but also coming together as friends, building esprit de corps, sharing a delicious meal, and sampling an impressive selection of not so well-known pours. Consider joining us at the next Whiskey Club on Monday, November 20th at 6pm.

Next week kicks off chili season at Dive Bar. Come in for lunch or dinner and try a bowl of Dive Bar’s delicious chili with one of our many whiskeys. It will get you in the mood for Fall.

Until next time, cheers!

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