Whiskey for a Good Cause

Years ago, I moved across the street from a couple who had lived in their house so long the road was named after them. Married close to 70 years at the time, she was a retired teacher, he was a Veteran and former owner of an implement store in town. That sweet old lady introduced herself to me almost every single day. She had Alzheimer’s.
Fast forward to the present.
Giving back to the community is something both yours truly and Dive Bar enjoy doing, so when the opportunity to help the Columbia Walk to End Alzheimer’s event came about, your pal E.B. wasn’t going to say no. Last week, with the help of some friends, I hosted a whiskey tasting event to raise money for the Walk. One friend donated six different bottles of whiskey, one made or provided all the food pairings and the other two decorated the room and served our guests. It was a great night and we raised good money for the cause.
While this was not a Dive Bar event, we tasted some great whiskey that night and wanted to share my thoughts and notes with you in case you wanted to try some of these out for yourself.
Whiskey #1 and #2 – Ben Holladay 6 Year Bottled in Bond & Soft Red Wheat
You’ve heard me talk about Ben Holladay in the last post and I know you’re waiting for Whiskey Week to be able to try the special barrel Dive Bar received after a visit there. The first two whiskeys of the night were from Weston, MO. They were served with a fresh-made pimento cheese spread and baguette and smokehouse almonds. The Soft Red Wheat was my favorite, not to mention the bottle labels! Made me think of the Prohibition Period. Upon smelling, several picked up hints of leather, caramel and baking spices.
Whiskey #3 – Woodsmen Pecan Barrel Whiskey
Once produced just north of Dive Bar in Higbee, MO, the Pecan Barrel Whiskey tasted just like it sounds. Aged for three years altogether, initially in a white oak barrel than finished even longer in a pecan barrel, there’s a nuttiness on the back end of this that makes me want Grandma’s famous pecan pie. This whiskey was paired with a dark chocolate and sea salt caramel and was the favorite of one gent at our table.
Whiskey #4 and #5 – Double Barrel
They next two whiskeys were both Double Barrel picks, one from DogMaster Distillery, about a mile from Dive Bar, and the other from the StilL 630 Distillery in St. Louis, MO. Two completely different whiskeys, in my opinion, especially when it came to the proof! The 9th Anniversary DogMaster bottle was only a 90 proof, but the StilL 630 was a 128.4 proof! And I thought the DogMaster one would have a bite! Get it? Attendees tasted similar notes for both, including caramel, oak and vanilla. The food pairing for the 630 was a bacon wrapped sweet potato with a brown sugar and maple syrup glaze. THAT was my favorite part!
Whiskey #6 – Koval Single Barrel Rye Whiskey
The sixth and final pour of the night. Let’s call this dessert. It was even paired with tiny cheesecakes. This bottle was the only whiskey that wasn’t made in MO. Distilled in Chicago, IL, this rye is one I would add to my collection. It’s a sweet whiskey, thanks in part to being aged in Brazilian Amburana wood, and smells like those tasty cinnamon pretzels you used to get at the mall. One taster said it reminded them of Christmas cookies.
There’s something about whiskey that brings everyone together. It was a great night, and we raised good money for a great cause.
Let’s get together for Whiskey Club on September 18th at 6:00pm. Tickets are still available, plus you’ll get a delicious meal. It’s also the start of Whiskey Week – a week-long event dedicated to whiskey! You’ll get to try some amazing new whiskeys before anyone else, plus, we will start pre-selling a Barrel Pick selected personally by the Dive Bar crew from the Ben Holladay Distillery. You do NOT want to miss it.
Until next time, cheers!

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