Nobles, Heroes & Statesmen

I know I say this every time, but last month’s Whiskey Club at Dive Bar was a blast! During the event, we sampled six that I think any whiskey lover would like, plus one bonus pour — tequila!

Since last month featured a fun holiday, all the whiskey featured at the July Whiskey Club had one common theme — Independence Day, and we wanted to celebrate. We also wanted to take our time together “back to our roots” and celebrate all whiskey, American and non-American.

The Evan Williams 1763 Small Batch, American Hero Edition is a bourbon named after Evan Williams, the founder of Kentucky’s first commercial distillery. This whiskey offered a smooth, rich taste with a hint of vanilla, caramel and oak. It is a great whiskey for sipping neat or on the rocks. We picked this one because the bottle pays homage to six different soldiers on the label.

The Old Forester “Statesman” Bourbon is a tribute to the American Statesman and was created in collaboration with the film Kingsman: The Golden Circle. It offers a bold and flavorful taste with a strong aroma of sweet oak and caramel, followed by a taste of rich vanilla, dark chocolate and spice. This whiskey is a great choice for those who prefer a strong yet smooth spirit.

The Crown Royal “Noble Collection” Canadian Whiskey Barley Edition combines the classic Crown Royal taste with a unique barley grain. It offers a smooth and creamy taste with a hint of vanilla, caramel and toasted oak. If you prefer a mild yet flavorful option, this Noble whiskey is perfect for you. Who is a noble gentry that comes to mind when you think of this whiskey?

Are you feeling lucky? The Lost Irish “Triple Distilled” Irish Whiskey is exactly that — triple distilled — giving it a smooth, rich taste. This whiskey has a really cool story. It pays homage to all the countries that use the same whiskey barrel as this one. It has a complex aroma of citrus and vanilla, followed by a taste of honey, malt, and oak. This whiskey is a great choice for those who prefer a balanced and flavorful whiskey. It will make you wish you were in Ireland.

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Don’t forget that we also sampled an 818 Anejo Tequila as our bonus pour. Why? Because the Boss really likes it! Like some whiskey, this tequila was aged in a barrel blended with American and French oak. Made from the blue Agave plant, the 818 is great for sipping due to its smooth style. Some even taste hints of vanilla and caramel, making it the perfect after-dinner drink.

The Blue Agave plant. Adobe Stock Photo.

Want to sample more amazing whiskey and maybe a bonus pour for fun? Come to Dive Bar’s next Whiskey Club, Monday, August 21 at 6pm. You’ll be glad you did!

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